Country Club X
Networking + Marketplace + Golf Experiences (a website exclusively designed for country club members) Country Club X in an online community comprised of members from country clubs across North America.  Connecting club members is the primary objective of the service.  Once logged in, users have the ability to communicate with members from every club represented in the member directory.  This provides every member with the opportunity to golf at and experience the amenities of private clubs near them or anywhere they travel without the use of a reciprocal ballot.  This is accomplished through an invitation from a Country Club X member to visit and play as their guest. Playing a new course is challenging enough.  Several strokes can be lost without the aid of a caddie or an experienced member to offer course knowledge which can lead to an entire round/experience being compromised.  Finding an experienced member at a private course is as easy as searching the Country Club X member directory.  Once a member is found in the desired area of travel, viewing their profile reveals useful information to determine if a round can be arranged.  These details include the club they’re affiliated with, their handicap, and if they're willing to golf with guests. Join Today!